Taking purpose driven action.


It’s Monday morning and you’ve just hit the snooze button for the third time.


You think you should get ready for work. You feel guilty for the length of your to-do list. As you sink back into your pillow you wonder what’s the point.
You lose yourself in a fantasy about all the great ideas you have and the important contributions you want to make. And then the alarm rings once more, your hand hovers over the snooze button…


Sound familiar?


It doesn’t have to be. Discover what drives you, what projects to tackle and how you can live life without a snooze button.
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This is what people are saying:


“Paula is able to translate my unspecific worries and problems into questions that help me find my next actions.” – Anna, 37, graphic designer


“You really are that good, huh? Just these few questions are pure gold.” -Alex, 28, engineer