Last night I dreamt of queendom

Of coming into it.
Of accepting it.
Of slowly working to proclaim it.
Of being supported.
Of being loved.
Of not having to know how at the beginning.
Of simply loving and learning.
Of trusting.
Of still having fun (as a rodeo clown no less).
Of feeling my power even if nobody else knows of it.
Of accepting my own worth.

I woke up feeling peaceful and rested. The power was still working in me. And it demanded a queen’s crown, I have outgrown the princess tiara. So I searched my crafting stash and the dark corners of my apartment and then I made myself a crown and poured into it declarations of sovereignty and strength and wishes of love and compassion. And I crowned myself and danced a silly dance in socks and my queen’s crown.

2 responses to “Last night I dreamt of queendom”

  1. Jasmine says:

    Oh I love the crown. We need more people embracing the queen within!

    May your kingdom thrive.

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