I have a big pile of them. All ironed and nicely folded in half an then into thirds, and sometimes folded in half again.

Each day I take one or two from the pile and put them into my handbag, or next to my computer. And when I need one, either to wipe away tears, or aid a runny nose I unfold the smoothness and a little burst of caring and love transfers to me from the person who ironed and folded the handkerchiefs. I get a sense of belonging and grounding.

Then, about every month or so, when the pile of handkerchiefs grows very very short I will wash all of them and then take out the ironing board and the iron and spend an hour ironing and folding into thirds the collection of handkerchiefs.

Each handkerchief on the pile becomes a little present for future-me, a message that I care about her wellbeing. Each time a handkerchief is used that message arrives.

3 responses to “Handkerchiefs”

  1. VickiB says:

    That’s lovely.

  2. Mechaieh says:

    I really enjoyed reading this. The handkerchiefs as love notes to the self rather than chores = ♥

  3. yLb says:

    I get inspired reading this. I also have a big pile of handkerchiefs. But I didn’t consider them as collection rather a part of me that will make me feel incomplete without it. <3 thank you! ;)

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