Hello Abundance

“Hi”, I said to the sparkling creature in the tinkling river.
“Hi”, she said back.
“And you are Abundance?”
She responded with a tinkling laugh, stretching her full body in the eddies and recesses of the stream.
“Tell me about yourself”
“You already know everything you need to know about me.”
Again she laughed at me.
“Abundance is clarity, enough, joy, play, flow, safety, giving and receiving, strength, possibility, choice, delight.”
“And it is everywhere, even though you are the Naiad of this stream that is also called Abundance.”
“You are different from excess. Excess is suffocating and chaotic and depressing.”
“Abundance is in the blossoms that bloom this spring, in the rain, in the people that live in this city. All the things they own are excessive though. But sharing things is abundant.”
“To live with Abundance, I need to let Abundance flow through me. I become a doorway, instead of a container.”
“I’m not sure that I understand.”
Abundance sighs. “You are trying to understand with your head. The same head that has all these ideas about things that are necessary and crucial and about scarcity and guilt.”
“It’s not going to work, is it?”
“I need to experience the ways that Abundance is already present in my life, in the world, in me. And look for the ways that I am a doorway.”
“Thank you Abundance.”
“You are welcome. You are always welcome.”

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  1. Amelie says:

    Wonderful conversation. I’ll try to keep it in mind next time I meet Excess.

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