Toilet Portraits, or how to just do that thing already

Seat Assignment. By Nina Katchadourian (permission to use granted)

The internet is full of wonderfullnesses, like Nina Katchadourian, who shot self-portraits in airplane lavatories. What sets her apart from your average toilet portraiteur, is that the photos emulate the 15th to 17th century flemish style of painting, using only things to be found in such a lavatory. Toilet paper, cell phone camera and lavatory lighting.

Often we believe that we need this, or that to start a crafty venture. We buy a book full of stamps and the fanciest knitting needles. We believe only the very bestest camera will give us a picture worth liking. And yet here is Nina moving and inspiring, in the best possible way, with no more than a bit of toilet paper and her cell phone camera.

Nina’s portraits are on exhibit starting this Saturday, April 14th to May 26th at Catherine Clark Gallery in San Francisco.