Office Yoga, a Video

The following video is a short 20 min session of office yoga I made, just for you. These are all exercises done on your chair and include a grounding exercise and a short relaxation sequence. You can save it onto your phone and do it with headphones on your lunch break. And if your colleagues ask you about it, invite them to join you. It also works if you work from home.

I’ve been wanting to do video for a while. As a yoga teacher a lot of my work is demonstration and for you, dear readers, that is most easily done via video. Like many people I have stuck around hearing myself and seeing myself on screen. I have a long history of performing on stage, or in classrooms. Yet on video I get overly critical and blow every mistake out of proportion. But then, practice moves us closer to perfect. By posting this video I am practicing two things, letting go of a need for perfection and making videos. And you get a little video.

Up next, a ten minute version of yoga on the go.

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  1. Kaari says:

    I really liked this! A couple of things you said helped me shift the way I move (side bends, and moving the hips during back bends) to make it feel better, so thank you!

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